Are Labcorp And Covance The Same Company?

Are Labcorp And Covance The Same Company? Healthcare diagnostics is an intricate web of already established participants and developing technologies.

Two commonly mentioned entities in this industry field are Labcorp and Covance.

However, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding their relationship. This article will attempt to shed some light on the history as well as the current state of affairs between these two organizations.

Are Labcorp And Covance The Same Company

Are Labcorp And Covance The Same Company? Explained!

For clarity purposes, it is important to note that LabCorp and Covance are not separate entities competing in the same space.

In 2014, Labcorp purchased Covance bringing together their expertise under one roof. By so doing, they became a force to reckon with in Life Sciences.

  • Labcorp:  One of the world’s top life sciences companies with a rich past in providing diagnostic testing and clinical research services. They have become a household name in this area, with millions trusting them for all their test needs.
  • Covance:  Initially an independent body, it was one of the leading contract research organizations (CROs) around. CROs support pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the drug development process by providing various services.

When Labcorp Bought Covance?

Labcorp’s purchase of Covance wasn’t just a financial transaction; it marked a change within the industry.

Let us take an in-depth look at what led to this merger enhanced by timeline then finally get into matters concerning integration afterwards.

November 2014: It was announced that LabCorp would acquire Covance under a definitive agreement valued at approximately $5.6 billion dollars.

Early 2015: The acquisition was completed making both firms officially united.

Motivations for the Merger

There are several key reasons why Labcorp decided to acquire Covance:

  • Complementary Services: The combination of Labcorp’s diagnostic expertise and Covance’s drug development services gives pharmaceutical companies a one-stop solution.
  • Enhanced Patient Recruitment: Labcorp was able to tap into Covance’s huge network of research sites and patient recruitment capabilities.
  • Data and Efficiency: This merger aimed to apply technology in order to make clinical trials more efficient thereby resulting in faster data collection and analysis.
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Bringing Everything Together

After acquiring Covance, LabCorp began the process of integrating it with its organizational structure. Here are some highlights about this:

While some leadership positions transitioned within Covance, there was a new unified management team that oversees both organizations.

By strategically incorporating Covance’s services into their existing ones, LabCorp created more holistic solutions for its clients.

A Stronger Force in Life Sciences

Today, Covance operates as the division of the larger Labcorp organization called Labcorp Drug Development. This merger has led to significant broadening of company skill sets. Some of these benefits include:

  • Streamlined Drug Development: Pharmaceutical firms, can now access a much wider range of services under one roof making drug development simpler.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: Combining Labcorp’s diagnostics capabilities and clinical trial expertise from Covance can lead to better treatment options that are safer for patients in the long run.

The combined company has a much larger global presence, which means that it can also contribute to medical research in a more general sense. In summary, LabCorp and Covance may not be separate entities but they speak to the strength of the market in life sciences.

Through their collaboration, they have been able to play a very important part in creating treatments and diagnostics that save lives with the aim of fostering better health for all.

Getting a grip on Labcorp against Covance

Two big names emerge in the highly complex healthcare sector – Labcorp and Covance. Understandably, it may not be clear what these two companies specifically do though you might have heard of them.

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This article will expound on the major differences between them and their target consumer groups as well as other stakeholders that are affected by their activities.

1. Labcorp

Diagnostic testing is one area where Labcorp is leading. They provide clinical laboratory services of an integrated nature through a vast network of labs in its system.

Think about human health detectives; they use advanced technologies to analyze blood, tissues, and other samples for disease detection, health monitoring, and treatment direction purposes.

2. Covance

On the other hand, Covance is considered to be a giant in contract research and development (CRO).

They enter into collaborations with drug manufacturers and biotech industries so that new drugs can reach the market. From the preclinical phase (animal and cell tests) prior to any clinical trials involving humans till post-marketing support, they take care of all stages involved in making a drug.

In brief, while Labcorp helps us determine our health status, Covance bird-dogs on ways through which it can be improved.

Where They Shine?

The healthcare industry is Labcorp’s main area of operation. Physicians’ offices, hospitals, or clinics depend on their diagnostic services for effective outcomes.

Pharmaceuticals plus biotechnology studies provide the right environment for Covance’s growth path.

They work together with firms that manufacture new drugs, vaccines, or medical equipment. This involves their expertise in clinical trial design, data management, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Landscape

Diagnostic tools development and drug testing are highly regulated to assure quality, safety, and accuracy. Below are some of the jurisdictions under which these players operate:

  • Diagnostic Testing: Diagnostic tests provided by Labcorp must adhere to strict guidelines set by bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America. These regulations ensure the tests are reliable and provide accurate results.
  • Clinical Research: The rules surrounding Covance’s research activities are governed by a complex web of legislation from FDA to ICH regulators. It helps ensure ethical conduct during clinical trials, protects patients’ life as well, and safeguards the integrity of research data.
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Impact on Customers and Stakeholders

In the healthcare ecosystem, various stakeholders should know what makes LabCorp different from Covance.

  • Customer Perceptions:  Looking at LabCorp versus Covance will help patients and healthcare professionals alike differentiate between these two organizations. For instance, while those who need diagnostic tests will go to Labcorp, pharmaceutical companies that manufacture novel drugs may be interested in collaborating with Covance.
  • Implications for Stakeholders:  Both LabCorp and Covance play an important role in moving healthcare forward. On the one hand, healthcare providers depend on diagnostics provided by Labcorp for delivery of quality services while on the other hand, pharma organizations cannot do without Covance’s offerings such as manufacturing processes.
  • Industry Insights: Experts believe that there is complementarity between LabCorp and Covance. The two together can quicken medical breakthroughs leading to improved healthcare outcomes.


In conclusion, “Are Labcorp And Covance The Same Company?” Labcorp and Covance are different companies in the healthcare industry that play a unique role. Labcorp’s ability to diagnose helps us understand our health, as Covance leads the way in developing tools for improving it.

From policy-makers to providers, understanding these differences is crucial in bringing better patient outcomes and a healthier tomorrow.

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